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HowTo: NavigatingWithinAnArticle

One of the main goals of Psychology 2.0 is to be a virtual space, where people who like to read psychology related articles meet those people who have interesting and new ideas to publish in this field.

Before starting to read the first articles, it is worthwhile familiarizing yourself with three easy tools that will make reading the articles more comfortable:

Navigation using the Table of Contents

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Changing the Display Settings

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In the top-left corner you will find Display Settings, a control panel that allows you to set how much detail you would like to see from an article.

There are two main options:

If you choose 'Text', you can hide the non-core elements of the text. This option is recommended for those who are familiar with reading scientific publications.

Some are disturbed by the many links and multi-media that you find on the internet. You can hide these. Note that the links pointing to other articles will not disappear, only the external links will go.

More space for reading by hiding the SideBar

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The Side Bar is a collection of the major links that you may need, organized in a menu system. Although very helpful when navigating, it uses space that might be irritating when reading articles. Hide this bar by clicking on Hide SideBar on the top of it.

Click image to enlarge You can always make it reappear by clicking on Show SideBar in the top-left corner

As you became familiar with the tools, check the newest articles or browse all articles

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