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  • Psychology 2.0


Self-expansion Game


The favorite game of the 2007 Puzzle World Champion, Pál Madarassy.

You have to organize 2 to 9 squares in order to make them connect well. Each side of the square has 3 "legs" of different colors (red or green). They connect well if the legs have the same color pattern (e.g. red-red-green and red-red-green)

You can rotate the squares using the right mouse button and move them with drag-and-drop technique. The goal is that no red-green connections should remain.

Different levels and game-types: against the clock; limited number of movements etc.

4 different gametypes and a campaign with more than 15 levels

It was developed based on the model described in the article about relationships.

GOAL: rotate or move the squares to make the bad connections disappear, so that only good connections remain.