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  • Psychology 2.0

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1.  Rapid, Repeated Restructuring Paradigm

1.1  Beginner's Introduction to Rapid Repeated Restructuring

1.2  Phenomena explained by RRRP (examples)

1.3  Intermediate RRRP

1.4  Chapter 1: Is there more than ONE Universe?

How Do Living Systems Operate? (chapter 1) This video is a part of the series presenting the Rapid, Repeated Restructuring Paradigm. Is there more than one Universe? Are the rules of God = the rules of Universe?

1.5  Chapter 2: Am I part of the Universe?

What is the relationship between us and the Universe? Can we perceive 100% of the physical reality? Perception errors.

1.6  Chapter 3: The nested hierarchy of the Living Systems

Each living system is built by living systems down to the molecules. Cell, organ, human, society... what is common in the living creatures?

2.  Self-expansion Game videos