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Editing in a wiki

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  • in a wiki, each page can be edited using a simple word processor. You can access the word processor by clicking on the "Edit" button above the article.
  • the text you type in the editor box appears as you type it in. By using special characters, you can format your text and, by using special commands, special features can be accessed. The possibilities are limitless, all you need is a minimum of two basic features to format the text typed in.
    • Different levels of heading to split your text in sections: if you put a "!" at the beginning of a row, that row becomes a heading (larger font). If you put two exclamation marks, it becomes a sub-heading. Three will create a sub-sub-heading
      • Producing lists: if a row starts with "*" (asterisk) it becomes a part of a bulletpoint list. "#" will place it in a numbered list. If you put two or three asterisks (**, *** resp. ##, ###) then sub-lists will appear
  • below the edit box (the blue area that appears after you press the “Edit” button on a page) you will find a brief reminder on the use of different special characters.
  • further information on basic editing of documentation or on advanced editing is available on PmWiki's homepage