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  • Psychology 2.0


Feel free to publish your thoughts on Psychology 2.0!

  • each user is free to inform the community what he or she thinks about different psychology topics
  • we are interested in discussing and determining the truth of different observations, models and theories
  • Psychology 2.0's methodology sees:
    • implicit personality theories (how laymen examine other people's behavior in everyday life); and
    • introspection (observing someone’s psychic reactions and generalizing those into theories on a provisional basis, similar to the methods of Freud, Jung and others)

as important inputs for developing new psychological models

  • the worst that can happen that nobody will react to your idea
  • if you can evidence some scientific relationship within it, you can also publish stories from your own life for the community to decide whether your observations and reactions were right or wrong. That is what the voting system is for
  • to publish your article check the instructions. To try writing in a wiki go to Pmwiki.WikiSandbox