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  • Psychology 2.0


1.  Postmodern Science

1.1  Postmodern is a philosophy which realizes that universal values do not exist

What is holy for me may be to others from another culture odd or strange. What I treat as taboo may be a commonplace, everyday thing for someone else.

"If that is the situation, how can we find our way in life?"

"By taking into consideration the opinion of the majority."

"Is this not a valueless compromise?"

"No, due to two reasons:

  • after a while, the opinion of the majority will have become the leading opinion
  • there is a special wisdom in the majority that has a sense of value, even if, at the moment, that is not understood by contemporary philosophers"

The above mentioned logic is used mainly in the arts.

1.2  What about science?

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Karl Popper found out that as there is no completely true statement upon which we can build on, so nothing can be proved. That things can be negated, proved to be false. The method suggested by him, and accepted by all science, is the following: concerning an issue, consider all available theories and try to negate them. The one that can not be proven to be false will be taken as true, until somebody can negate it.

1.3  Is there any alternative?

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As in taking steps to reach a theory, one must investigate all available theories and prove them false, so the progress of the science is slow. Psychology as a science investigates human beings. That is why all men and women, schools, clubs, groups &c. can be seen as separate research laboratories. The results from these laboratories are contained within each mind. By placing these together, we obtain experimental research on more people than ever before. The abovementioned special wisdom of the majority might be proven by such work.

We are not aiming for 100% post-modern science!

Some decision-making procedures can lead to mistakes. That is why experts and experiments should have the same weight as the mass. Notwithstanding expert opinion, the output of a crucial experiment undertaken via debate is IMPORTANT to this methodology.

Postmodern science can speed up research in psychology
TRUEFALSEScience and postmodern do not fit